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I highly recommend Dr. Sharma and her staff at Dental Comfort, she is a terrific dentist and she explains everything in detail before she begins working :- Katy D.

Caries risk assessment

Dental caries is an infectious, transmissible disease caused by the presence of cario-genic bacteria in the mouth. Together with the sugars present in our diet, the bacteria produce acid, leading to demineralization and eventual cavity formation in the teeth.

Dental Caries is the most common chronic disease among our children, and is virtually universal among adults.

It is also preventable and curable if adequate Caries Risk Assessment is routinely included in the treatment plan.

Dr. Sharma performs individual caries risk assessment on each patient. Her assessment includes detailed evaluation of several unfavorable factors like disease-causing bacteria, frequent intake of high-carb drinks/snacks, salivary dysfunction, non-fluoridated water etc. She uses her extensive clinical experience to categorize the risk level as low, moderate, high or extremely high. A customized treatment plan is then created based on the risk level.

For your caries risk assessment, call us today at: 510-553-9000.

San Leandro dentist, Anu Sharma - experienced dentist serving California Bay Area cities of San Leandro, Newark, Union City, Hayward, Milpitas and surrounding areas. Your award-winning dentist uses advanced dental technologies for all aspects of general dentistry. She is also a cosmetic dentist, certified in Invisalign and Lumineers. Dr. Sharma also treats children (as little as two) and can take care of most pediatric dentistry needs.

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